Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Seems legit...

...The "most volatile commodity" is now a "safe haven".  Hey, why not, its not as if Gold lived up to expectations of all the gloom and doomers who predicted 10,000 an ounce and rampant U.S. inflation.

War is Peace.  Ignorance is Strength.  Volatility is Safety.

Natural gas, the worst-performing and most volatile commodity of the past decade amid a glut in supply, is replacing gold as a haven for commodity investors as the metal slumps.
The heating and power-plant fuel produced the best risk- adjusted returns of 24 commodities in the Standard & Poor’s GSCI index over the last 12 months, rebounding from the worst ranking in the prior 10 years, the BLOOMBERG RISKLESS RETURN RANKING shows. Gold, the decade’s top performer, and silver tumbled as a stock market rally and a rising dollar curbed demand for the metals as a refuge.

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