Thursday, May 30, 2013

Austerity me?...

Austerity YOU!.

Migration as economy-sinking mobile mercenary army...these tactics are becoming an exercise in hilarity.

Berlin/Rome (DPA) -- Germany's biggest selling newspaper voiced
outrage Thursday that Italy gave cash grants to hundreds of
African migrants, reportedly with the advice to travel north to
   Bild described the individual grants of 500 euros (650
dollars) per head as a "reward to leave."
   It said 300 of them were in the northern port city of Hamburg
and homeless, whereas the German Interior Ministry had on
Wednesday quoted a lower figure of around 150.
   In Italy, the Interior Ministry confirmed that cash payments
were given to migrants leaving temporary refuge centres that were
set up in 2011 to host people fleeing Arab Spring uprisings, and
which were closed on December 31.
   "It is not true that the money was given with the advice to go
to Germany. This is a slanderous and unpleasant interpretation
given by the German press," Italy's ambassador to Berlin, Elio
Menzione, told the ANSA news agency.
   In Rome, the Interior Ministry explained that the money was
given to migrants to help them integrate in Italy, but added that
those with regular residence permits had the right, under
European Union rules, to travel within the Schengen area for up
to three months.

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