Friday, March 31, 2006


This blog will serve as a central repository and community for the convergence between Insurance, Risk, Derivatives, and Alternative Risk Transfer ("ART") We will also delve into modern finance and economic commentary with heavy emphasis on global capital markets. The author is a well-rounded professional who will prepare postings based on a holistic view of the economics of the industry with special emphasis on:

Macroeconomics and global interest rates
Finite (Re)insurance (and the problems associated therein)
Catastrophe issues
The merging of (Re)insurance and capital markets in contemplation of risk transfer.

This is meant to be a site where mutual benefit can be gained in the Smithsonian tradition. Good humor and humility in the Franklinian tradition will also be appreciated. Feel free to share your thoughts in the upcoming forums or to contact the author directly.

Let us learn something, shall we???