Monday, May 27, 2013

Activity... the Subcontinent...

 May 27 (Bloomberg) -- Senior members of India’s ruling
  Congress party were among at least 27 people killed as their
  convoy was ambushed by 300 communist insurgents, in one of the
  most deadly attacks on politicians of a four decade offensive.

      Guerrillas blasted landmines to stop vehicles carrying
  Congress leaders from a May 25 party rally in central
  Chhattisgarh province before singling out their targets and
  opening fire, the Press Trust of India reported.

     The Congress party’s state chief Nand Kumar Patel and
  Mahendra Karma, the architect of a villager force called the
  Salwa Judum that was used by the state to counter the so-called
  Naxalites, were both killed, the state’s police chief Ramniwas
  said in a phone interview yesterday. A former federal minister,
  V.C. Shukla, was one of 32 people injured and airlifted to a
  hospital near New Delhi.

      The rebel group, formally known as the Communist Party of
  India (Maoist), trace their origins back to the ideology of Mao
  Zedong and are active in about a dozen of the country’s 28
  states, many of them rich in iron ore, coal, bauxite, manganese
  and other minerals. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has called the
  insurgents the greatest threat to India’s internal security.

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