Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Punctuated Obama Doctrine...

...I fully expect the incumbent to carry the election come November, and I also expect the nascent (and heretofore, admittedly, rather circumspect) Obama Doctrine to germinate into a full-scale policy response to increased resource competition in Africa.

But there will be punctuations in the Doctrine, which I have compared to an extension of the Monroe Doctrine of the early 1800s.  I expect areas that garner too much friction from Russia (THE antagonist for global competition in the next 20-50 years) to be quietly de-emphasized.

The Monroe Doctrine itself had such punctuations that produces far-reaching effects.  The Falkland Islands themselves were first occupied by Argentinian nationalists prior to being forcefully jettisoned by American personnel.  When the resulting vacuum was filled by the British, the Americans conveniently forgot about the strong rhetoric of the Monroe Doctrine.

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