Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Sheik-mat for Syria?

"Sheik-mat" (The King is dead, in Arabic) and its English counterpart in chess "Checkmate" is a good way to describe the Syrian regime.  With Turkey at the door and the U.N. setting new records for obsequity, its only a matter of time for the latest installment of the Arab Spring.

ANKARA, Turkey — Turkey’s top general inspected newly deployed units on the Syrian border Tuesday following six days of firing by Turkish batteries against President Bashar al-Assad’s forces.
Turkey has deployed additional tanks, howitzers, and missile defense systems on the border since a Syrian artillery shell killed five people in the town of Akcakale on Oct. 3, prompting parliament to give the government a one-year mandate to send forces into Syria if necessary.
General Necdet Ozel, chief of the general staff, today inspected troops in Hatay province, which was hit by seven artillery shells or mortar rounds in the past week, state-run TRT television said.

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