Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Intellectual movement... denounce "short-term" and "myopic" thinking is reaching its zenith.  The concept that "long term" strategical thinking is more effective than a stranglehold on current measurables is somehow simply assumed.  The Soviets employed strategy that would take decades if not centuries to mature, for example.

And, as I have intimated before, what does an alternative to this "myopia" look like in real terms?  You are simply reclaiming lost power to management and other "central planners" and incentivizing "very" close ties to policy makers and other folks who can pull the strings of strategical planning.  Power concentrates much more quickly under these conditions, and that is hardly an ideal set of circumstances to encourage equitable competition.

From a recent Foreign Policy article: (the fact that foreign policy wonks would love a reality where strategical planning wins over "short-term" thinking is not lost on this reader)

Full article here.

The biggest problem facing the global economy is not climate change, trade imbalances, financial regulation, or the eurozone. It is short-term thinking. An epidemic of myopia has swept over the world in the past few decades, and it threatens our living standards like nothing else.

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