Tuesday, October 30, 2012


I made the point in a previous post that the assassination of U.S. personnel in Benghazi appeared to be a politically motivated, perhaps even personal, attack against U.S. presence there.  I made the point that there are historical echoes as well and made the comparison with Robert Burnes and the Empire of Great Britain.

Much more will be learned from this debacle, but one thing appears certain:  intelligence failures are inevitable on hostile ground and perhaps even more so on "friendly" ground.

More fallout from the events include the sacking of the AFRICOM commander in addition to sober conversations regarding the over-extension of U.S. political power without access to immediate and forceful military follow-up.

And of course the fact this intertwines U.S. interests with Africa as a whole is not lost here.  It now appears that whomever occupies the White House come November, the Obama Doctrine will still come to fruition, if not by overt design then certainly by necessity.

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