Thursday, April 26, 2012

Stratego diplomacy...

..."Stratego" was an early gateway into more challenging strategy games for many youths (myself included) growing up in the 1980s, and involved moving chess-like pieces in a fairly straightforward manner to destroy your opponent.  Lying and cheating are somewhat encouraged in the game and "disagreements" occur often given the rules of the game and the average age of its participants.

Wargames have always been a part of play for young people, but in today's world of nuclear weaponry and intercontinental missile systems, there is a diminished respect for the subtleties of troop movements and logistical reconnoiter. 

So, enter the "Naval Exercise" or modern day wargame as a means of effective communication to an adversary as to your intentions with reasonably peaceful effects. 

I would be remiss in not bringing the most expensive wargame ever to your attention and its political uses (in light of the initial spectacular disaster).

In any case, here we are, playing Stratego once again. Full article here.

Vietnam and the United States on Monday began their annual naval exchange near a former U.S. army base in Danang city amid mounting tensions over competing sovereignty claims in the South China Sea.

With salvage and disaster training as well as a performance from the military band, the schedule of events seems harmless enough. However, some observers say the activities are an intrinsic part of a delicate diplomatic balancing act over contested territory in the South China Sea.

This year's event is larger than in 2011, with 1,400 personnel and three ships, including a guided missile destroyer, said Lieutenant Commander Mike Morley who attended the opening ceremony

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