Monday, April 09, 2012

Galbraith's Bezel...

...seen once again in the Middle Kingdom. Much more of this to come as the Emperor really does not have any more clothes in the closet. You can't really blame this man for vanishing, given that the punishment for just about any offense in China is death.

DALIAN ( Caixin Online ) — The sudden disappearance of a self-made billionaire in the coastal city of Dalian has unnerved not only bank executives concerned about loans they made to his companies, but also government officials who have lent generous support to the expansion of his business empire.

Xu Ming, chairman of Dalian Shide Group Co. Ltd., has been out of contact with his companies since March 14, a corporation announcement said.

The notification, dated March 31, says: “So far, the corporate group has not received any official notice related to Chairman Xu Ming, nor has any government department or agency launched any investigation against Shide Group and its subsidiary companies.”

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