Monday, April 02, 2012

The Obama Doctrine...

...Years ago I speculated (and wrote a brief White Paper) regarding the probability of increased activity by the United States in the Antipodean continents of South America and Africa. There were a number of reasons for my interest.

It appears now that events have conspired to force this quasi-doctrine to fruition.

Full article here. It matters not wether the substance of the article is pretext or a real threat. The interests are there.

"We are looking for some legislative authority ... that might be able
to give us some broader authorities, legislative authorities and
multiyear funding for some of the types of activities that I'd like to
do in terms of building coalitions to take on these complex threats,"
Sheehan said.

DoD will hand over a slate of potential legislative options being
drafted by Sheehan's office to lawmakers "in the weeks and months
ahead," he added.

However, the Pentagon is already beginning to move ahead with its
plans for both continents.

U.S. special forces have been in Uganda since October, providing
support to local forces going after Ugandan warlord Joseph Kony and
his Lord's Resistance Army.

Defense Secretary Leon Panetta announced in February that U.S. special
forces and counterinsurgency specialists returning from Iraq and
Afghanistan will be redeployed to a number of global hot spots,
specifically those in Africa and South America.

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