Thursday, July 14, 2011

In search of...

at a time when wise men peered
through glass tubes toward the sky
the heavens changed in predictable ways
and one man was able to find
that he had thought he found the answer
and he was quick to write his revelation
but as they were scrutinized
in his colleagues eyes
he soon became a mockery
don't tell me about the answer
'cause then another one will come along soon
I don't believe you have the answer
I've got ideas too
but if you've got enough naivete
and you've got conviction
then the answer is perfect for you

-Greg Graffin, from "The Answer"

There are many narratives that fit the current economic environment. Suffice to say, none of the prevailing and popular ones have any chance of being correct (popularity being a function of simplicity and ease of transmission, as opposed to inherent truth value). The Recapitulator hears any number of these narratives during the day, but has learned long ago (after rigorously scrutinizing these narratives, which all fail to withstand even the most cursory examinations) not to waste too much energy in dispelling them.

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