Sunday, July 31, 2011

If you have more than ONE child...

...we confiscate he/she and sell him/her to someone in the West...but YOU do things for VOTES, therefore you are immoral capitalists who are irresponsible. Q.E.D.

Who is persuaded by this?

Try not to echoes so much of the Soviet era propaganda in the 80s by its fabrication of shibboleths and straw men to distract its people. Distract/villify/retract/redefine/repeat cycle.

I am seriously trying to determine where the equivalent of the Berlin Wall is in the Middle Kingdom.

BEIJING-- The mouthpiece of the Chinese Communist Party has castigated
the United States' handling of its debt crisis as "irresponsible" and
"immoral", saying in a Saturday editorial that the U.S. democratic
system was to blame for the "farce".

The official People's Daily newspaper accused U.S. politicians of
"sacrificing other people's interests in exchange for a few votes",
adding that "not a single representative has considered the world, and
even U.S. national interests are being banished from the mind".

It said elections next year meant that each representative was
unwilling to risk being tarnished with "the crime of giving way".

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