Tuesday, July 19, 2011


One of the more important visual depictions of global instability is reproduced above.

The correlations are obvious.

The Recapitulator is sympathetic to the "youth-bulge" theories of conflict. It is a unfortunate coincidence that those most willing and able to resort to violence are simultaneously the most ill-equipped to temper an emotional response from a perceived threat.

The following quote from Pope Urban II, giving the boys a good send off on the eve of the First Crusade, is a perfect example:

"For this land which you now inhabit, shut in on all sides by the sea and the mountain peaks, is too narrow for your large population; it scarcely furnishes food enough for its cultivators. Hence it is that you murder and devour one another, that you wage wars, and that many among you perish in civil strife. Let hatred, therefore, depart from among you; let your quarrels end. Enter upon the road to the Holy Sepulchre; wrest that land from a wicked race, and subject it to yourselves."

In other words, don't waste your efforts among my jurisdiction by killing each other, go to another and kill that population (the "good" kind of murder!), which of course happens to coincide with my organizations goals.

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