Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Since there will be more manifestations of QE, and certainly more beyond QE2 as the Government (The Fed, the Treasury, the Executive, and Congress) continues to fire blanks at a charging 2000lb. bull, but cannot de-ossify themselves from traditional Keynesian stimulus packages, here are my nominees for the putative rounds of QE:

QE3: "Beyond the Valley of Quantitative Easement"
QE4: "Return of QE"
QE5: "Revenge of QE"
QE6: "The FINAL chapter of QE"
QE7: "Son of QE"
QE8: "Greenspan's Vengeful Ghost"
QE9: "QEen of the Damned"
QE10: "QE X"

...and on and on until someone realizes (as per the previous post) that there must be a better way to increase aggregate demand...that way being of course tax cuts to build demand from the bottom up and CHANGE consumer preferences on a more permanent basis, something QE is powerless to do.

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