Thursday, September 16, 2010

Operating Systems

Much of "civilization" as we know consists of the promulgation of ideas that either convince or coerce an individual to disregard his/her self interest for the betterment of another individual or group of individuals. These "operating systems" instill perspectives amongst its adherants, be it concepts of "fairness", "freedom", "natural law", etc. Once these ideas are firmly enconced, the burden of proof lies with any competing system of thought (hence the constant reinforcement, by propaganda and other methods, of these central ideas), and any countervailing operating system is viewed as a malignant virus.

It is interesting to note that in the current secular age, government, and more specifically "rights" imbued by documents have supplanted Religion as the "operating system" of choice throghout the civilized world. And, the patterns that we observed throughout history concerning Religious operating systems have clearly been replicated in the current age.

I am speaking specifically about the tendency of power to concentrate.

I believe that market driven solutions are superior to any alternatives. This is because market driven solutions allocate resources efficiently and without regard to competing operating systems that exist to subordinate individual self-interest.

Once self-interest is encroached upon, the precedent has been set for the gradual, irreversable descent into servitude. This effect scales massively; the more subjects who subscribe to a given operating system, the more power will ascend to the top echelon of of system admins and programmers. Extreme examples of this are religious cults, who blindly trust their leaders to the death.

So, ask yourself a question: are you behaving in your own interest or at the behest of others you have never met? Who benefits from this set of circumstance?

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