Monday, September 20, 2010


...pensions in the U.S. in similar positions. I have stated here before that ZIRP is DEFLATIONARY is this type of recession.

"We are all in the same position," he added. "Every month we make our
funding ratio public and a lot of participants are getting worried
about (their) pensions."

As a result, pensioners have generally seen a freeze in pension
indexation, while employees have seen an increase in their premiums.
"Everyone feels it," said Steger.

ABP reported a funding level of 88% at the end of August; PFZW, 94%;
PMT, 85.2%; bpf, 97.1% and PME, 91%.

Dutch pension regulations require schemes to be 105% funded. To get
back to full funding, pension funds can either freeze the level of
pension payments, increase the premiums paid by employees or cut
benefits. Steger said cutting benefits is always considered a last

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