Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Substance over form

With the constant rhetoric and political propaganda utilized to communicate the complete and total commitment of Euro-zone authorities in saving the Euro-zone from further crisis, you would think there would be less display of commitment and more explication of what precisely will happen given certain adverse events.

All this display behavior has already been perfected by the animal kingdom.  One of my favorite examples is the Fiddler Crab, which simply displays the size of its main claw to potential rivals.  There is no communication regarding other factors (such as overall body mass, observable speed, etc.) its simply just "hey, look at this claw...might do some big damage".  I find this amusing for predictable reasons, as it parallels what the Euro-area chiefs are doing with predictable results.  They are waiving a big claw and proclaiming that is sufficient to silence the skeptics.

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