Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Tremors going off all over the Sovereign map.  The historical fissures and fault lines await more of this tectonic pressure.

Most vulnerable are those regions that enjoy a special status and are full of inhabitants that self-identify not as "x nation" but as "x people or ethnic group".

MADRID - Catalonia government president Artur Mas has called early elections for the powerful northeastern region, a vote that will likely be seen as something of a referendum on independence from Spain.
In a regional parliamentary debate Tuesday, Mas set the date for Nov. 25.
Mas called the elections more than two years ahead of schedule after the central government in Madrid last week rejected a demand to grant Catalonia special fiscal powers.
Days earlier, Mas led a massive rally in Barcelona that was seen as a show of strength for the region's pro-independence camp and a warning to Madrid.

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