Friday, September 21, 2012

Scenario planning

One of the things I constantly do is think about the future, the way society will be organized, and the relevant conflicts and resources that will form the basis for the competitive actions of nations when defending their "interests".  This is similar to "brainstorming" in the creative fields with the only constraint being the usual limitations of human achievement.

So, what are the implications for "the masses" when government no longer needs them for military applications or to produce the necessary amount of food to sustain a given population?  Throughout history, there has been this tension between ruler and ruled which was largely based on the use or threat of force by the general populace.  What happens if technological progress renders this tension impotent?

This is a very serious question for the way sovereign nations will organize themselves for the future, and, given the technological advancement of the past 20 years, this is something to consider when investing for the long-term.

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