Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Scraping the bottom...

...of the economics barrel for additional justification for large deficit spending. A card carrying member of the Eunuch class argues that Federal spending should maintain is present course and speed by anchoring economic prosperity with overall life expectancy. This is tantamount to asserting taking a certain course in the Atlantic works equally well in the Pacific.

The line of thought is extremely disingenuous and speaks volumes about the "conclusion first, add premises as needed" thought processes that plague this and every other Eunuch class throughout history.

It begs the question of under what circumstances and data sets would increased Federal spending not be justified?

Economics is morphing into the modern corollary of the eugenics movement from the previous century. Proving everything, but falsifying nothing and enjoying a safe ontogeny in the womb of "official" policy. Let us hope they also share similar fates,

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