Friday, February 24, 2012


...I have already received several email inquiries regarding my previous email. I should elaborate.

By "Religion" I do not necessarily mean the major organized religions, although I think they are in the best position given their historical agility (yes, this may seem strange given the monolithic nature of the "Majors", but the very fact they have survived and prospered for centuries and Millenia is worthy of respect). It may very well be something else.

For example, an entirely voluntary set of rules and constraints, incentives and beliefs is possible with technology. Since true anonymity is increasingly more difficult on the internet (and the costs of preserving this status rising) a voluntary association based on simple morality and fellowship is possible. Punishment would be to simple be "excommunicated" from general connectivity. There would be little need for nation-state structures except for base physical needs such as roads and security. My position is not that nation states would cease to exist (again, they are needed for infrastructure and defense as those are very scalable services), rather, that a world where there are simple governmental structures that only provide minimal services with the remainder being the province of "Religion" or "Organized Fellowship" made possible by technology and more specifically the internet.

Perhaps I don't grok these concepts fully quite yet, but the risk that the current industrial and government imperial model will begin to erode is certainly there...and it would behoove the prudent and forward-looking investor (a group that I humbly include myself) to begin thinking about what the world would look like in that case.

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