Sunday, June 05, 2011

My reply... a contemporary equating the U.S. economic situation with Greece and his related opinion that investment a good idea.

We shall see. For the purposes of this discussion, I categorically deny that the U.S., as sovereign currency issuer of its debt denominated in same, is the same UNIVERSE as Greece, which must "get" Euros to satisfy its Euro-denominated obligations.

Your comments assume the economy and global security are uncorrelated variables...they are not. The dollar as reserve currency is going no-where IMNSHO, especially given the current and forthcoming economic malaise the developing world is experiencing. Thus if your prediction of WW III comes to fruition where are global assets likely to flow? A jurisdiction with unparalleled military capability or...anywhere else?

For the record as well, China is one of the largest bubbles I have ever seen. Invest at your peril.

As always, your comments are appreciated and I only reply thusly in the hopes that my contributions will augment our mutual understanding of the most complex problems facing our world.

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