Friday, June 10, 2011

Galbraith's "Bezel"... again in another bubble. Fraud is directly proportionate to perceived gain and risk, and becomes pervasive when there is no "risk" of sharply falling prices. The commodities market, and especially gold, is about to re-learn the lessons of history once again.

Montreal – Revenu Quebec has initiated a massive series of searches and seizures in the Montreal area, alleging that companies and individuals in the gold refining and trading industry engaged in widespread tax fraud on transactions worth $1.8-billion.

More than 175 government investigators conducted the sweep this week, targeting businesses, residences, accountant offices and bankruptcy trustees. Some 125 companies are complicit in the scheme that bilked the government of more than $150-million worth of taxes, Revenu Quebec asserts. No arrests have so far been announced.

The tax department has named only two companies publicly as being the subject of its investigations – Kitco Metals Inc. and Carmen International Inc. Privately-held Kitco, one of the largest retailers of precious metals in the world, denies the allegations against it.

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