Monday, April 11, 2011

When value systems collide.

/begin relatively useless and untestable conjecture

When behavioral and moral systems based on resource scarcity (deserts) collide with societies that do not suffer the same constraints, dissonance occurs. This effect is compounded per % of population difference between the two moral systems.

/end relatively useless and untestable conjecture

Still, it seems the more zelous and intolerable the belief system, the more they seem compelled to control "their" female population. Its no wonder societies that feel more enlightened feel threatened by what they perceive as a very obtuse system of property rights. Once again, this is all about power. We, as majority, do not wish to be confronted with representations of your unenlightened perspective, and therefore said representations are against the law. This in a country at the academic forefront of "Universal human rights" (when it supports their goals.) The mechanisms for "justice" are still controlled by man...and subject (even controlled) by his prejudice.

Though only a very small minority of France's at least 5 million Muslims wear the veil, many Muslims see the ban as a stigma against the country's No. 2 religion.

About a dozen people, including three women wearing niqab veils with just a slit for the eyes, staged a protest in front of Notre Dame on Monday, saying the ban is an affront to their freedom of expression and religion.

Much larger crowds of police, journalists and tourists filled the square.

One of the veiled women was seen taken away in a police van. A police officer on the site told The Associated Press that she was detained because the protest was not authorized and the woman refused to leave when police asked her to. The officer was not allowed to be publicly named.

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