Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Now why would wealthy Chinese...

...choose to send their adolescent children to American High Schools?

More sensible planning "if" something "unfortunate" happens in the middle kingdom.

MILLINOCKET, Maine – Northern Maine is 7,000 miles and a world away
from China, but that's not stopping a school superintendent from
recruiting Chinese students to attend public high school in this
remote mill town.

Faced with declining enrollments and shrinking revenues, public school
districts from Maine to California are seeking out students from
overseas, particularly China, to attend their high schools. At least
two public schools in Maine have 10 tuition-paying Chinese students in
classes this year, and the superintendent in Millinocket is the latest
to set his sights on China.

It's a growing trend: Other schools are doing the same in Arizona,
Arkansas, California, Florida, Illinois, Massachusetts, Ohio, Virginia
and Washington, according to a student recruitment agency in San

Next fall, Millinocket Superintendent Ken Smith hopes to have at least
60 Chinese students — each paying $13,000 in tuition and another
$11,000 for room and board — at Stearns High School. Stearns at one
time had close to 700 high school students, but enrollment has fallen
over the years to under 200 this year.

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