Wednesday, April 20, 2011


...a/k/a "Freudian slip".

Putin laments about missed opportunities to make trouble:

April 20 (Bloomberg) -- Russia won’t employ the
“throublemaking” approach of the U.S. to bolster the economy
by printing money and buying Treasuries, Prime Minister Vladimir
Putin said.

“They turned on the printing press and are buying state
bonds -- financing the government by using a printing press --
scattering money across the dollar zone, that is, the entire
world,” Putin told lawmakers in Moscow today. “We don’t have
the same opportunity to make trouble.”

and in other news (and a major reason for the above article), anti-climactic press release of the decade":

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin should run in next year’s presidential elections, according to a senior member of Russia’s ruling party.

“As far as our position on the 2012 elections is concerned, United Russia will focus on its leader, Vladimir Putin,” said Yury Shuvalov, deputy head of the presidium of United Russia’s general council, in comments posted today on the party website. “We look at his candidacy as the priority for whom to put forward from our party in the presidential elections.”

Putin, 58, a former KGB agent, became prime minister after selecting Dmitry Medvedev, 45, to succeed him as president in 2008 because of a constitutional ban on three consecutive terms. With less than 12 months before the next presidential vote, it’s unclear which of the men will run.

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