Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Truth be told...

from David Held:

Second, while the liberal political order has gone some way toward taming the arrogance of princes and princesses and curbing some of their worst excesses within and outside their territories, the spreading hold of the regime of liberal international sovereignty has compounded the risks of arrogance in certain respects. This is so because in the transition from prince to prime minister or president, from unelected governors to elected governors, from the aristocratic few to the democratic many, political arrogance
has been reinforced by the claim of the political elites to derive their support from that most virtuous source of power – the demos. Democratic princes can energetically pursue public policies – whether in security, trade, technology, or welfare –
because they feel, and to a degree are, mandated so to do. The border spillover effects of their policies and agendas are not prominent in their minds or a core part of their
political calculations.

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