Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Press Credentials.

In light of the recent comments regarding the legislative process by Mr. Gruber of MIT, I propose the entire American public be issued press credentials.  Let officials be questioned by some of the more less fortunate Americans on issues...for hours...days perhaps.

I also propose that a case of whiskey (American bourbon or rye) be consumed in any governmental meeting (of non-defense personell) over 5 people.  Less than 5 people will require only 1 bottle.  This will cut down on unecessary personell padding consulting fees and will limit any serious discussion from said meetings.

The comments downplaying his involvement in crafting the bill are silly.  An organization does not pay a man over 6 million dollars in exchange for nothing.  Even our profligate administration would not do that...would they?  And if they did, what would that say about such an organization?

When an organization can spend Trillions, but does not have to provide the same in value, and does not need to "get money" from anywhere but across the street at the Treasury, what kind of "opoly" is that?

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