Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Polite conversation...

There is a good reason politics and religion are not discussed in polite coversation.  It is the tacit recognition that these sujbects illicit emotional responses rather than rational ones and the understanding that interlocutors in these discussions are basically mirroring their childhood conditioning.

It would be interesting to know if atheists are, on average, less politically inclined than true beleivers since the engine that drives both belief systems are generally the same - an understandable order based on some value set.  Both religion and politics are palliatives for the grind of reality.

This is of course why economics is so useful in polite conversation.  It can offer a somewhat "safe" proxy for more ingrained and cherished beliefs.  Economic camps are bad costumes that barely disguise more emotional arguments with a few theories and perhaps some quantification.  The foundation is the same - From Marx, to Adam Smith, to Keynes to Hayek, and to more modern economic theorists.  It starts with a value system.

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