Monday, May 07, 2012

Those brisk winds...

...of chage blowing through Europe.  One of the remarkable qualities of "socialism" is its propensity to change (revert?) into a more totalitarian form nearly instantaneously.

As I said previously, France will have a rough time, and become more aggressive (jingoistic, et al.)

May 6 (Bloomberg) -- Francois Hollande defeated French
President Nicolas Sarkozy as voters handed control of the
second-biggest European economy to the Socialists for the first
time in 17 years.

     The 57-year-old Hollande got about 52 percent against about
48 percent for Sarkozy, according to estimates by pollsters CSA
and Harris Interactive. The campaign isn’t over; France elects
its lower house of parliament in five weeks.

     The challenger inherits an economy that is barely growing,
with jobless claims at their highest in 12 years and a rising
debt load that makes France vulnerable to the financial crisis
that has rocked the euro region the past two years. Sarkozy
became the ninth euro leader to fall in that time and the first
French president in 30 years to fail to win re-election.

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