Thursday, May 31, 2012

Meanwhile... Zimbabwe...

ESIGODINI — Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans’ Association leader Jabulani Sibanda has vowed to take his campaign for Zanu PF to all the country’s 10 provinces despite protests by other political parties that he is promoting violence.
Sibanda, who is currently in Hurungwe, Mashonaland West Province, said his “revolutionary programme” was aimed at defending the country’s sovereignity.
“So far I have met over eight million people,” he claimed.

“The revolutionary programme is continuing and at the moment I am in Hurungwe. I will go around all areas in the country.”

Sibanda has been accused of harassing and intimidating opposition party supporters since the launch of his campaign two years ago in Masvingo.

But he denied the charge, saying: “It is a programme to defend the country’s sovereignty, and ensure quality development of people’s lives.
“You will notice that a large chunk of the country’s resources are currently controlled from outside by foreigners.

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