Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Gullibility is not a function of intelligence

The very intelligent have a propensity for understanding complex abstract forms of argument and proof.

Unfortunately, this comes with a price.

Throughout history, we have observed the transition of power from states to religions, to singular individuals, to secular governments, and back again.

For example, China is not a republic, its much more similar to a religious monarchy (the God being Marx, the prophet Deng Xiaoping, the apostles and saints the various high ranking members of the "Communist Party")

And yet, the concentration of the highly intelligent within official circles still does not decrease the frequency of failure of States across the Globe. They have convinced themselves that central planning and "good policy" will guarantee a good state.

Its no different than any other system where the fantansy of the outcome severely cripples the ability to reason. Lotteries are no different.

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