Monday, March 15, 2010

Niall Ferguson goes populistic, part II

Full article here.

Not very useful. Another grand statement that basically can be summed up much more elegantly in Latin:

sic transit gloria mundi

My favorite sentence: "Washington, you have been warned".

Wonderful. Warned that the effects of climate change "could be more than a century away"??? If we are now discussing possibilities, could it also be a Billion years away?

As for the "inexorable growth" of China, we shall see.

What a confused article, first arguing that the fall of empires is protracted, but then spending much of the remainder reminding the unwashed reader that "non-linearity" can also happen as well. Add in "fat tails" (I am surprised he did not go for the leptokurtic appellation) and "narrative fallacy" and all of a sudden the article jumps the proverbial shark into the tank of uselessness.

Saying something, yet saying nothing. If something happens, credit is taken. If nothing happens, its still inevitable.

Isn't the world supposed to end in 2012 anyways?

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