Saturday, October 11, 2008

Austria's right grieves today...

...the ramifications for Europe are interesting. My initial guess is that his death will help to crystalize the right and pave way for a sympathy reaction to his policies. Conspiracy theorists will also find fertile soil here.,2144,3705734,00.html

Austrian politicians from all sides paid tribute to far right leader Joerg Haider, who was killed in a car crash on Saturday, describing him as a talented and charismatic yet highly controversial leader.

The accident occurred near Klagenfurt, capital of the province of Carinthia where 58-year-old Haider was governor -- around 2 am (0000 GMT), police official Meinhard Schiller told German news agency dpa.

Haider was driving by himself when his car veered off the road after passing another vehicle. It then hit several obstacles, including a concrete foundation of a fence, and flipped over several times.

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