Wednesday, May 14, 2008


The end of rate cuts will indeed boost demand for U.S. assets, but the below snippet from a Bloomberg article does not go into the relative demand arguments I have posited for some time now.

Just as capitalism is the "least worst system", U.S. assets have, for the most part, taken their body shots and are moving on. This is not the case with the Euro area and Asia.

Dollar Bears Turn Bullish With Fed Approaching End of Rate Cuts

By Bo Nielsen

May 14 (Bloomberg) -- The U.S. dollar will strengthen against most major currencies in the next six months as the Federal Reserve stops reducing interest rates, a survey of Bloomberg users showed.

The end of rate cuts will boosts the allure of American assets for international investors, according to U.S. respondents in the monthly Bloomberg Professional Global Confidence Index, which questioned 3,447 users from Chicago to London to Hong Kong. While users in the U.S. grew optimistic about the greenback, participants in Germany and France became pessimistic about the euro for the first time since the survey started in November.

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