Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Increasing global violence...

...admittedly based on anecdote and vividness of recall. A chinese food safety minister is executed for taking bribes. The Red Mosque is taken down the Pakistani government. However, this is something entirely different, and far more dangerous. More assassination attempts in foreign jurisdictions by mother Russia.

Security services 'foil plot to kill Berezovsky at the London Hilton'
Richard Beeston, Diplomatic Editor
Boris Berezovsky fled Britain three weeks ago on the advice of
Scotland Yard, amid reports that he was the target of an assassination
attempt by a suspected Russian hitman.

The exiled tycoon and fierce critic of President Putin of Russia told
The Times last night that he had been warned that it was not safe for
him to remain in London, where he had been living since being granted
asylum in Britain.

"I was informed by Scotland Yard that my life was in danger and they
recommended that I leave the country," he said. "I left three weeks
ago but have now returned."

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