Monday, February 01, 2016


Abracadabra, sayeth the magician...

Its also no wonder housing prices in the U.S. Cascadia region as well as British Columbia have exploded.  Will the last politically connected corrupt billionaire please turn off the lights before they leave?

Authorities in China have arrested 21 people on suspicion of defrauding almost one million Chinese investors of 50bn yuan (£5.3 billion) after an online peer-to-peer lender turned out to be a giant Ponzi scheme, state media has alleged.
Police used two mechanical diggers for 20 hours to retrieve 1,200 account books that were buried six feet underground as part of the investigation into one of the biggest financial frauds in the country’s history, Xinhua state news agency said.
A total of 21 people were arrested at Ezubao, the company at the centre of the scam, which rose to become China's largest online financing platform in just 18 months.
The firm launched in July 2014 and attracted business by offering investors annual returns of between 9pc and 15pc, far higher than mainstream financial products.

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