Monday, March 30, 2015

Letter to friends...

...I wrote this short note to some friends as we were waxing philosophically about the future of the world and this republic.

The power accumulated in the past 2 decades by our G has caused some sort of shift away from justifications of Rule based on the Scotch and English (Locke, Burke, Hobbes) philosophers who informed our Constitution.  Namely, that the State is some temporary Lessee of power with the people as Lessor, with the lease itself subject to immediate revocation.

So its fascinating to me that the SCOTUS, comments by our Congress, POTUS, etc. have gravitated towards framing the G as permanent "protector" with its power deriving from a modern version of the Divine Right of Kings (the modern version being rooted in location and surveillance technology)...a much more Germanic perception of sovereignity in that the people are presumed subordinate.

And of course, I have to remind myself that the notion of competition between Nation States is a temporary shuffling of the cards.

Empires are about to make a comeback here.  Perhaps they already have.

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