Tuesday, March 18, 2014

May we live...

...in interesting times indeed.

With Crimea's referendum passing, it would appear that Russia has indeed regained some satellites of its former empire...without firing a shot.  They rightly see the U.S. as weakened in this situation considering its adventures of the past decade and certainly cannot appear to passive as an area of high national interest is absorbed.

This epsisode should (both in real and normative terms) end quietly...I hope...


Breaking reports from Crimea on Tuesday indicate that Russian forces are storming Ukrainian military bases following Moscow’s annexation of the Ukrainian peninsula.
Ukraine’s defense ministry reports that shots were fired by Russian soldiers at Ukrainian troops and at least one Ukrainian soldier was wounded.

I also hope our "diplomats" stop with this sort of rhetoric:

US Vice-President Joe Biden, speaking in Poland, said Russia's involvement in Crimea was "a brazen military incursion" and its annexation of the territory was "nothing more than a land grab" by Moscow.

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