Friday, April 05, 2013

How to legitimize Asian military build-up... the saying goes "I am not saying, I am juuuuuust saying"

If I were a hyperpower with a large (somewhat enigmatic, if not outrightly hostile, and with a "core ideology" at odds with my own) competitor who would normally dislike my presence in their sphere of influence, how would I go about justifying a large deployment of military assets?

"Convincing" a neighboring dictator to make some silly threats (imminent missile attack!) might be one of those ways.   Maybe this dictator actually likes American culture and...oh, I don't know...Basketball or something.

Foreign Policy is never direct, is it?  The Recapitulator notes Dennis Rodman was recently there.  I saw him at O'Hare and thought to myself "where is he going" but the Korean Peninsula was not on my top three possible destinations.

Just saying.

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