Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Pendulum... swinging violently towards Russian with respect to world power.  The current manifestation of united China has reached and passed its apex, and the illusion of control appears to be torn asunder.

Many, many rumors swirling around Russia and shipments of arms and currency to the Middle East.  I expect the State Department to re-arm itself once again for a drawn out conflict with a resurgent Russia.

What would the world do without an Anglo-Saxon-Russo rivalry?  This has been occurring for centuries now.  In previous epochs, the riches of India was the prize and formed the skein of the "Great Game" played between Russia and the British Empire.  Now, the Middle East is in play.

And, similar to the "Great Game" the locale of battle was a pretext for future ambition.  It was India then.  It is Africa now.

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