Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Of course...

...a "correction" (whatever that means) is likely in the coming months given the recent up-ticks in lending activity, employment, and today's bond auctions, but this should not preclude observers from concluding the overall trajectory of the recovery. This is especially true considering the previous engines for growth in the world (the "de-coupled" emerging markets and the Euro are) and in the doldrums and in China's case is effectively inviting disaster. I don't see how encouraging this type of capital injection (with its peripatetic nature) is a viable solution.

-- China will open capital markets further to foreign investors - securities regulator

-- China will seek a greater role for long-term institutional investors in a bid to boost the country's sagging stock market, the regulator adds

-- Comments come after Premier Wen Jiabao said the government will take measures to boost market confidence

-- The regulator pledges to advance reform of initial public offering system and delisting mechanisms

-- Regulator seeks to roll out more futures products, including government bond futures and silver futures as well as financial derivatives like options

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