Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Excellent example...

...of a Sovereign's ability to change self-imposed rules in the name of economic growth, mirroed by the ability of industry to apply pressure for the same reasons. Note also the insular nature of the process.

That German exports have remained strong despite the brewing crisis in Europe is hardly a secret. Indeed, a new report emerged on Tuesday indicating that exports actually climbed in October by 0.9 percent relative to September. In comparison to September 2010, exports even skyrocketed by a hefty 10.5 percent.
Chancellor Angela Merkel, it would seem, is anxious to do her best to ensure that the trend continues. And according to information obtained by SPIEGEL, arms exports have become one of her administration's focuses.
In a position paper delivered to the European Commission on Oct. 27, which SPIEGEL has seen, the German government argues that, when it comes to export controls, "The effort to prevent proliferation and destabilizing arms accumulations should not unreasonably hinder or impede legal trade, particularly when it comes to economic relations with new regional powers."
The document focuses on so-called "dual-use goods" which have both military and civilian applications. Both "foreign and security policy considerations" as well as "economic interests" should be "adequately considered," the position paper states. German arms exports amounted to €15.1 billion between 2005 and 2010, making it the world's third leading weapons exporter.
The words "human rights" do not make an appearance in the 21-page document, though Merkel frequently emphasizes that her government's security policy is "values driven."

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