Thursday, August 25, 2011

While the world looks to Europe...

...Russia making its ambitions obvious to those who care to look.

Russia's lower house, the Sate Duma, is set to ratify agreements with
South Ossetia and Abkhazia on Russian military bases in the Caucasian
republics during its autumn session.

The State Duma Speaker, Boris Gryzlov, said on Thursday that the
parliament has already ratified a wide range of agreements with the
two newly independent states.

On August 8 – which marked the third anniversary since the beginning
of the war in the South Ossetia – President Dmitry Medvedev submitted
agreements on the unified Russian military bases to the lower house.
The legislators intend to consider the documents at the upcoming
parliamentary session.

This way, the deputies will be able to take part in “the process of
building up civilized interstate relations between Russia and the two
independent republics,” Gryzlov said, reports Interfax.

“I have repeatedly said that peace and security in the region is a
priority for us,” the official noted. He added that in many ways, it
was thanks to Russia’s efforts that both peace and security have been

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