Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Ratings agencies...

...near and far attempting to direct and hold attention.

05/25/11 Novato, California – Beijing-based Dagong Credit Rating Co. is China’s leading credit rating agency and, despite the limited international influence of its ratings, it keeps pumping out sovereign debt downgrades for the industrialized West.

The latest nation up… or down as the case may be… is the UK. It was already cut from its triple-A standing — as indicated by ratings from US agencies — to AA- in Dagong’s first headline-inducing ratings release. Recently, the UK has again been downgraded, this time to A+ with a negative outlook, due to its deteriorating solvency.

According to the BBC News:

“The agency blamed the UK’s sluggish growth, which it said would be stuck in the 1.3%-1.5% range for two more years, hurting government finances. The downgrade from AA- to A+ puts Britain on a par with Chile and heavily-indebted Belgium, and the US, which Dagong downgraded in November.

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