Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Cloth or Gavel... which will you be ruled? Edict from on high (suitably communicated through his/her/its chosen vassals - be they Kings or Priests) or through the distilled experience of law and legislation? Both offer compelling systems of order with benefits and limitations.

As the world clamours for various versions of "order" and "freedom", the winners in this process will no doubt be religious plutocracies or a more "conservative" bent. That is, the world will likely be more amenable to rule by "moral" superiors instead of political or economic superiors. They will be "Democracies" in name only...there will be few Republics amongst them.

I have written about this before on this blog, new country formation is obvious. The media is ablaze with the assignment of blame for foreign policy blunders, but rest assured, there will be plenty of opportunity for the Obama administration to absolve itself.

There are trade-offs between religious and secular order. However, the similarities are obvious: a few enjoy privileges undreamed of by the vast majority of subjects, whether or not order is achieved by the cloth or gavel.

Power concentrates, and the mechanism for making law or granting special status is independent of time, place, and position. It is of course no accident that change accelerates during times of economic crisis.

Again, I offer no normative prescription (I lean toward Libertarian thinking, but that also contains a whole host of problems, suffice to say I still maintain the United States sets the best example of society that continually teeters on the brink, but its ability to self-correct has been its lynch pin.), as normative prescription and "design" have done far more harm than good.

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