Tuesday, February 01, 2011

The Benevolent and paternal paper dragon...

...the actions of a state wishing to usher in the peaceful transition to an open society, or another example of its desire to maintain the illusion of control? This in combination of the recent findings of used footage from "Top Gun" in lieu of actual aircraft operations tells us more than official statements from Beijing.

Wary Of Egypt Unrest, China Censors Web

BEIJING — In another era, China’s leaders might have been content to
let discussion of the protests in Egypt float around among private
citizens, then fizzle out.

But challenges in recent years to authoritarian governments around the
globe and violent uprisings in parts of China itself have made Chinese
officials increasingly wary of leaving such talk unchecked, especially
on the Internet, the medium some officials see as central to fanning
the flames of unrest.

So the arbiters of speech sprang into action over the weekend.
Sina.com and Netease.com — two of the nation’s biggest online portals
— blocked keyword searches of the word “Egypt,” though the mass
protests were being discussed on some Internet chat rooms on Monday.
The use of “Egypt” has also been blocked on Weibo, the Chinese
equivalent of Twitter.

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