Monday, August 17, 2009


The scope of human behavior is a narrow one.

Pope Benedict XVI, in his latest edict entitled "Caritas in Veritate" (Charity in truth) makes a case against the unfettered capitalism that he suggests caused the current crisis.

His solution is, predictably, more concentration of power for governments (and quasi governmental organizations, such as the Vatican) and presumably a larger role for centralized decision making and related appeals to the "common good". Unfortunately, the great body of evidence describing human behavior for the past 3000 years is not kind to this interpretation. There has certainly been a long-standing struggle for power between the state and religion (indeed, much of Western Civilization can be described by events based on this relationship) and The Church is certainly and excellent example of an organization with "very" long time horizons and patience in achieving its goals.

So there is a diagnostic problem (and we will never likely find a satisfactory boolian causal chain of events that describe this economic crisis) as well as a prescriptive problem. But this is definitely an astute move by The Church as the bubble of government will pop...leaving a vacuum that nature so abhors.

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