Wednesday, March 18, 2009

What use is polarity...

...when there is no magnetism?

Our lawmakers should spend less time strumming the populism guitar and attempting to enforce some idea of "fairness" in light of "outrage" and more time examining the root causes that the incentive system in place effected upon economic agents who wish to maximize their self-benefit.

Congress is wandering dangerously close to the Executive and Judicial functions...but why should one argue or care about melting Bacon (Francis, that is) and Separation of Powers in addition to the manifold conflicts of interest involved? Because that is precisely what effected the incentives in the first place, with obvious results.

(ADDENDUM) The point of the above passage is that rules designed to limit the power of a single branch of our government should be given great deference. As I said, it is not the function of Congress to enforce or interpret the laws they have passed, nor should they even hint at the power to do so. And yet, they are lobbing criticism at people, businesses, and institutions that did the same thing. They are threatening private citizens with 90% tax rates (as Marshall said: The power to tax is the power to destroy) in order to negate contract. This is silly.

warning: Fantasy and Sci-Fi references ahead. Wikipedia may (should?) be needed:

The functions of rating agencies recombining into "business partner protocol" droids.

The functions of GSE's devolving into an untouchable Three-Legged Fighting Machine, wasting competitors in its path with its Wave Motion Gun of "full faith and credit"...until the more worldly affliction of avarice felled them.

The grand old traditional function of political parties liking campaign contributions, and intelligent corporate operatives exploiting knowledge gaps like a Romulan exploits the neutral zone. This is something that will not (indeed, should not!) change.

The regulatory agencies neglecting to pay attention to the various Heralds flying around our fair planet until Galactus assimilated 60 Billion dollars.

Reserve Banks only to happy to grant more Spice Melange to the Banking Guild.

Restitution should be an after-thought in this environment. Destroying the Death Star will not defeat the Galactic Empire...

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